MFA Zonguldak Sports Club

MFA Zonguldak Sports Club

As MFA Mask, we set out from Zonguldak in 2008 with the motto "Turkey's Healthy Breath". In this process, we not only gained the trust of the Turkish industry with our product and service quality, but also exported to many countries in the world, especially in Europe. As a result of our hard work and efforts, we took part as a Zonguldak company in the award ceremony named "Flying Turkey" with our export performance in 2020. We were proud to be included in the "Golden List" in the list of companies with the highest exports in 2021, published by İHKİB, the exporters' association to which we are affiliated in Istanbul. For our company, being among the companies that have gained national and international brand value in Zonguldak creates a great sense of pride, motivation and responsibility.


Zonguldak has been known as the "Capital of Labour" in our country for years. Zonguldak is a city that has always produced value and has been able to cope with difficulties, with its coal mines and hero miners, with very important industrial establishments in many fields from steel to ceramics, from energy to furniture, from food to cement and construction materials, with its people struggling with the harsh conditions and nature of the Black Sea.

Zonguldak, which has an important and valuable place in the history of our republic, especially in the field of industrialization, has become an actor of new and important projects of the country's development in recent years. Our city is in a position to become the new center of energy and logistics in Turkey, with huge investments such as Filyos Port, Filyos Industrial Zone, Black Sea Natural Gas storage and distribution center that will come to life in the near future. In parallel with these developments, we can predict that Zonguldak will become a new center of attraction in the commercial and touristic areas of the region. This will make our city competitive in many other areas.


We strongly believe that this potential of Zonguldak can be turned into a success story that will grow in sports, social, cultural and artistic projects. With this belief, we decided that it would be right to be involved in sports activities with positive results in physical, mental and social areas and to support our youth in the direction of sports.

In the season of the Women's Volleyball League last year, the Çaydeğirmeni Belediye Sports Club Women's Volleyball Team went undefeated and qualified to compete in the National 2nd Volleyball League in Turkey. The success and story of these girls impressed us. Because women are at a disadvantage in the field of sports as well as in the production and business world. Especially in Anatolia, this situation is much more common. With the withdrawal of our municipality this season, we wanted to support this team, which has no financial sources to continue, on behalf of all women from Zonguldak, and give them the opportunity to gain new successes.

This situation is very compatible with our current company policies. As MFA MASKE, we apply positive discrimination to female employees. As of today, 85% of MFA MASKE's workforce consists of women. These ratios are valid not only in production but also in management and administrative levels. In the field, we see that high female employment has a positive impact on business environments as well as its contribution to business life.

Therefore, it was not very difficult for us to take the decision to support the most successful women's volleyball team of Zonguldak city, by making positive discrimination against female athletes in the field of sports as well, and to give hope to our girls. In this process, we would like to thank our DSI provincial director and the managers of our DSI Sports Club, especially Mr. Orhan YAZICI, who took care of the team and cooperated with us. With their support and effort, we have fully cooperated with the team to fight under the name of MFA Zonguldak Spor in the new season. We were encouraged by the positive contributions of our Zonguldak Governor, our deputies, our Mayor, the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports and valuable opinion leaders in this process. We believe that these positive approaches give confidence and strength to the team. We think that this team will be a source of hope for our young girls from Zonguldak.

The management of MFA Zonguldak Sports Club may be ours professionally, but its success will belong to all Zonguldak people. Let's empower our youth and children together.

We wish all the people of Zonguldak and the world of sports that our new club has good luck.