MFA Service and Quality Approach at 40 Points

MFA Service and Quality Approach at 40 Points

1. To understand the needs and expectations of our customers, to fully meet the expectations with the most appropriate solutions,

2. To make our customers permanent,

3. To make frequent customer visits,

4. To be in direct contact with end users, to regularly investigate customer satisfaction through various means such as interviews and surveys,

5. Evaluating customer complaints promptly, returning to the customer about the subject of the complaint and not allowing our customer to suffer material or moral damage due to MFA quality management,

6. To constantly inform our customers about our company and products,

7. To constantly inform our customers about the use of the products and which products will be used in which areas,

8. To raise awareness of our customers against the under-the-counter products that do not comply with the required standards and laws, and to activate legal mechanisms against such manufacturers,

9. Seeing our customers as solution partners,

10. To make “boutique production” to meet the special needs of our different customers in different sectors,

11. Fulfilling the obligations in our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate and not making any concessions,

12. Working with the goal of “zero mistakes” in the production process and in providing service to our customers,

13. To ensure production efficiency,

14. To increase the profitability of the company in the medium and long term,

15. Making smart investments for sustainable growth,

16. Working with an expert in every subject,

17. To fulfill all the requirements for Occupational Health and Safety and not to compromise on these,

18. To increase the satisfaction of our employees, to make them a part of the business,

19. Sharing the responsibility with all our employees,

20. Organizing collective events with company employees in order to develop team spirit,

21. To be able to include all our employees in the decision-making mechanism,

22. To make the necessary investment in human resources,

23. To ensure that all employees internalize the MFA quality policy. To carry out continuous and planned training in order to fully understand the concepts and principles in the Quality System,

24. Never to lose the consciousness that we entrust people's health

25. To respect the work we do and the effort we spend,

26. To respect and protect the environment in which we work and live, to show sensitivity and not to compromise,

27. To be sensitive to the environment we exist in,

28. To give importance to environmental regulations in the area where we produce,

29. To make our company one of the brands of our country in the world market,

30. To be aware of our responsibilities towards society and the environment,

31. To be at peace with the environment, to protect the environment,

32. Fulfilling the obligations in the ISO 13485:2016 Medical Device Manufacturer Quality Management System Certificate and not making any concessions,

33. To be aware of the fact that our products protect human health and never forget this,

34. Not to compromise on the hygienic working environment,

35. Continuing uninterrupted R&D activities to meet customer expectations,

36. To see ourselves as a competitor, apart from other competitors in the market, within the framework of the logic of Continuous Improvement, and to constantly struggle to rise above the point we are at. To make the development sustainable.

37. To follow the technological developments, to renew the production processes regularly,

38. Never compromising on quality,

39. To offer targeted quality to its customers at the most affordable price,

40. Targeting the global market and achieving the price-quality balance that will enable us to exist globally.