MFA Respiratory Protection Test Center

Thanks to the MFA Respiratory Protection Test Center, which we established within our company in 2014 and which we have increased every year, we can perform performance tests of many of my respiratory protective equipment. We use our test center actively in the daily quality control tests of the products we produce, as well as in the raw material acceptance phase and product development phases.

Our facilities (filters of Dust and Gas Masks according to EU Standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009, EN 143);

- Conditioning

- Tensile-Tear Tests

- Flammability

- Particle Retention Efficiency with Paraffin Oil

- Breathing Resistance

- Exhale Resistance

- Loading Efficiency Tests

- Leakage Tests

- SEM Device

- Drying Oven

- Fit-Test Applications



Using a quality and reliable mask is not enough for reliable protection. Because, if the design of the mask you use is not suitable for the face shape of the user, that person may face incomplete or insufficient protection even if he or she uses a mask. You can eliminate this risk with the fit test application that MFA offers to its customers free of charge. This test, which is obligatory in some countries such as the USA and England, can be performed using the manual sense of taste, or it can be applied with a special digital counting device that gives much safer and more effective results. Our company offers both applications to its customers free of charge.

Would you like to join our fit-test application program?

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