Action Plan to Fight Against Global Warming

We, like the rest of the world, are painfully experiencing the effects of global warming. We are aware that the fight against global warming should be done by all parties and awareness should be raised. We believe that the carbon footprint should be reduced in every field in order to leave a livable world to future generations. As the MFA Mask family, we have prepared an action plan, detailed below, to reduce CO2 emissions from our production activities. By updating our action plan over time, we will continue our struggle much more intensely. We believe that you will also support this process.

We produce our own electricity

We generate the electricity we consume ourselves from renewable energy sources with our 1 MW solar panels that we have installed on the roofs of the MFA Factory Life Campus.


We produce our own food

We started to grow various vegetables with organic methods and rain irrigation system in the vegetable beds of approximately 1,000M2 that we set up in the idle areas of the MFA Factory Life Campus. Our skilful chefs will now prepare delicious menus for our employees with these vegetables.


Food leftovers won't go to waste

We decided to install a compost system in our cafeteria. Thus, we will be able to turn food residues into fertilizer. We will also use these fertilizers in our hobby gardens. In this way, no food leftovers will go to waste anymore.


We ended the printing of brochures and catalogs

We have now switched to cloud technology in every sense within the company and ended the internal paper circulation. Within the scope of full digitalization, we have also finished the printing of promotional catalogs and brochures for our products. From now on, you can find all the details about our products in detail from the QR Code business cards we have presented with the seed cards or by going to page


We switched to zero waste policy

We have set a target of obtaining the zero waste certificate by the end of 2022. We will do our best to achieve this goal.

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