4 Point Quality Control Mechanism

4 Point Quality Control Mechanism

MFA has developed and implemented the 4 Point Quality Control Mechanism within its own structure in order to control the product quality regularly at every stage of production.

The 4 Point Quality Control System is an internal control mechanism developed to control product quality at every stage, from the planning of the production stage to the storage of the final product and the sales stage.

The system has been designed to realize the full quality understanding. Products that fail to pass any stage of the 4 Point Quality Control are withdrawn from the production system, and the entire production process can be stopped until the specified quality is reached, if necessary. In order to move from one point to another in the production stages, the products must have passed the quality control mechanism at the previous point.

According to the 4 Point Quality Control Mechanism;

Point 1: Control of Raw Material from Suppliers

This stage covers the selection of raw materials before production. Raw materials purchased from suppliers for production are subjected to physical testing before entering the factory. Products are only allowed to enter the warehouse if they meet the specified criteria. Otherwise, the products are not accepted to the warehouse and are sent back to the supplier.

Point 2: Quality Control Before Mass Production

Some mask samples are produced with the raw materials that pass the physical control and accepted into the warehouse. The samples are first visually inspected by the quality control team led by the production manager. Then, it is sent to our test laboratory, which has calibration and test capability in accordance with EN Standards, and paraffin, permeability and pressure tests of the products are made. If the results are positive, mass production is started.

Point 3: Control in Production Processes

This stage includes control and inspection at all stages of mass production processes. Third Point Quality Control operates on two headings.

a. Quality Control in Production Stages

b. Inspection of Hygienic Conditions in the Production Area

Point 4: Inspection Before Packing

This stage includes the final checks of the finished products before they are packaged. Before the products are packaged, they are subjected to visual inspection again, and the products that do not have any problems are packaged and the storage stage is started.

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