The awareness and responsibility of the fact that each person using our products consigns his health, being the paramount asset of him, to us are the first starting point of our presence in the production as MFA.

The reliance that you place on our brand in your protection against the health risks that are circulating in the respirable air, that you cannot see with your eye, which you cannot feel with your breath, but that you know their presence is the most important value of us as MFA.

We produce CE certified and FFP1-FFP2-FFP3 category masks required by the industrial market in accordance with EN 149:2001+A1:2009 on one hand, we carry on our studies such as “bio-mask” in order to put innovative products into the service of the humanity on the other hand.

While we provide service quality to the users of tens of different countries, mainly Turkey and European countries with the product quality, production capacity and customer relations, we offer competitive prices as well.

We will always stand by you as a reliable friend for your health with the products that we produce and we will continue to produce.